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IMCBio: the Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate School

Based on a strategic clustering of Strasbourg assets in molecular and cellular biology from the 3 laboratories of excellence (LabEx), namely INRT (IGBMC), MitoCross (GMGM, IBMP, IBMC (ARN)) and NetRNA (IBMC (ARN, M3i), IBMP), and with the support of cutting-edge technological tools such as the 4 national infrastructures in health biology (INBS) CELPHEDIA/PHENOMIN, FRISBI, France Génomique and Ingestem, together with the equipment of excellence (EquipEx) I2MC, the Graduate School (EUR) Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCBio) project was selected as part of the Programme d’investissements d’avenir (PIA3). This unprecedented training project is 1 of the 4 EUR winners supported by the University of Strasbourg, which has been allocated €25,717,000 for all of these projects.

Through additional internships in laboratories, complementary training modules at Master level, summer schools and a high-level training program for doctoral studies, the EUR IMCBio aims to attract students with a strong motivation for research and to train future researchers to work at the interfaces of Biology. With the joint support of the University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Life Sciences and Doctoral School of Life and Health), the CNRS and Inserm, this project, which is based on the graduate school model, has a triple ambition to strongly link training to research, to enhance the thematic strengths of the Strasbourg site and also to contribute to its international influence.

The third PIA call, which will fund this project, aims to structure the French higher education and research landscape and aims to offer university sites the opportunity to enhance the impact and international attractiveness of their research and training in one or more scientific fields. In the context of the EUR, this structuring involves bringing together master's and doctoral programs backed by one or more high-level research laboratories. Out of 195 projects submitted, 29 winners from this first call of the PIA3, amounting to €216 million over ten years, were jointly announced by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Commissioner General for Investment, stating that they had followed the advice of an international jury.


IMCBio Graduate School