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PhD fellowships funded by the French National Research Agency will be available at the Plant Molecular Biology Institute (IBMP) and the Cellular and Molecular Biology Institute (IBMC) in Strasbourg, France, until September 2016.

The work will be carried out in one of the eleven groups involved in the project, and will be focused on studying the role of RNA silencing during viral infections in plant or mammalian organisms, and its perturbation or subversion by the pathogens.

Our groups are part of the Network of Excellence Initiative “NetRNA”, which aims at deciphering the importance of non-coding RNAs in a variety of pathogens and organisms during biotic and abiotic stresses.

The recruited students will join highly dynamic teams, and will have the unique opportunity to rotate among members of the network to learn the latest techniques in RNA biology.

Candidates must hold a Master degree in molecular and/or cellular biology.

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PhD Recruitment

No PhD position available for the moment.